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Join the resistance and show your support with a subscription!

For the entire year, you will receive every single digital release as they are published. This includes previous Adapt releases up to the year of subscription.

You will also receive promotional copies of each track before they are released to the general public, like a digital white-label.

Producers will be glad to hear that a subscriber can also receive several production files, including :

1. The original unprocessed break used for drums.
2. The processed drums produced.
3. The original synth patches used for sound design.
4. Detailed articles featuring exclusive insight and a 'producer's analysis' for each track.

DJ's will be glad to hear that a subscriber doesn't just receive a mp3, he actually receives several files including :

1. WAV files of each track. Enjoy full-range audio.
2. Various promotional files, including banners, covers, photos, videos and more for social media.
3. Personalised copies of VIP tracks.

Not a producer or DJ? Would we forget you?

1. Free games and multimedia interactive experiences.
2. Guestlist and fast-track entry to future events.
3. The mysterious Adapt keycard.

All of this for the amazing price of £9.99!